Monday, January 18, 2010


When the new year rang in, I wanted to be surrounded by family, and that is how I celebrated. I have since then let the year set in slowly. I didn't take any firm resolutions as the changes needed were obvious. 2009 ended longing for a new beginning.
Less impulse and more focus and organisation, less coveting but more satisfaction with the present day. Less words but more action.

I have not been online for sometime. My one month hiatus from my blog is officially over. Talk to you soon and happy new year.


ambiguous_angel said...

happy new year too:)

Anonymous said...

cool blog there. why dont i get a " follow this blog" msg anywhere?

Nana said...

Hey! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.. :-)

Billie K. said...

thank you angel!

Oh! I am sorry to hear that "Anonymous" why dont you try commenting under a username.

But I am glad you like my blog! Welcome aboard.

Gros bisous à toi Nana!!!!